What You Need To Know About Naked Broadband

Naked broadband or naked DSL is an exciting service for people who need fast internet connection. It is a little different from the usual DSL released a few years back since it is does not require a leased telephone line. As the name implies, naked broadband is just what it is – a broadband service without the fuss, so to speak. Bestnakedcam

Many subscribers are enjoying their broadband deals under this type of DSL because it helps them save some cash. This is one of the primary reasons why subscribers go for other options in the previous years, bringing in the ADSL2+ as a better option for broadband users. As for naked DSL, this is a type of ADSL2+ broadband but better and faster because it only needs the ULL connection from your home and back to the ISP’s network. This setup does not require an active phone service and it works solely on its own.

There were no naked broadband users during the early 2000 since it wasn’t commercialized and not available to the public. These days there are numerous providers or ISPs that have invested on the network infrastructure supporting naked DSL. Australian ISPs such as Optus, Internode, and iinet are among the providers offering naked DSL to the public. The success of naked DSL/broadband made this DSL option commercially viable and many providers have reported significant sign-ups since the service was introduced.

Today, there are more users of naked DSL as their main internet option because they either have no landline phones or they just don’t want to have another landline phone service connected for their DSL. The current generation is more inclined to using mobile phones, so it is no surprise to see more and more households give up their traditional landline phone services over naked broadband. This is quite beneficial if you wish to cut household expenses each month, especially when you already have mobile phones and naked DSL.

Using DSL/broadband internet connection when making a call overseas or locally has also impacted the use of landline phones. Why pay for a landline service when you can call for free (most of the time) via VoIP through various online applications and downloadable software for a minimal fee. And it is noticeable that most internet calls are clearer and more affordable. Same goes with voice chats and meetings where groups of people can call and be in a call at any given time.

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