Human Kind and Information Technology

Human kind is the most intelligent and evolving species to have inhabited this world. It is therefore always seeking knowledge, convenient ways of communication and development generally.
It is the consequence of this quest that in the early 40’s the precursor of modern day computing machines was first invented. Ever since there’s been no letting in the pace of progress in this exciting field which includes profound effects on virtually all the aspects of the present day day human beings.
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The most important and popular offshoot of the computer or it may be the internet. It opens up unlimited vistas of knowledge in a fraction of second for an individual. The options are literally limitless.
One major branch of internet may be the E-commerce. In its early days, it existed simply as a kind of facilitation for commercial and financial transactions. Since that time it has really transformed.
Technologies such as electronic data interchange and electronic funds transfer were introduced and they allowed the freedom to the businesses to communicate documents such as invoices via electronic network systems, securely. The growth of telephonic banking, credit cards and automated teller machines are all too popular and form the back bone of e-commerce. There are various vistas in this regard which are growing according to the users need and it is providing an efficient and secure platform in their mind.
The major electronic payment systems that govern current online transactions are credit cards processing systems and electronic payment gateways. The electronic payment gateways facilitate financial transactions online by authenticating bank cards and online bank accounts authorizing transactions. They connect the merchant’s website and the credit card issuers. In doing so, an individual has the liberty to do such transactions from the safety of the house or office and preventing the physical hassle of going to the finance institutions or the vendors.
E-banking and business of several sorts is now a normal occurrence and area of the daily routine of a sizable population.
The web has eliminated the distances between family and friends. The web provides web services of different sorts like, social networking services, chatting services with real-time interaction and portals providing free lance work at home opportunities.
In the beginning no one had envisioned the growth spurt of the web and its allied e-commerce. The web browsers are instruments that have the ability of finding and organizing the information quickly and thus have become indispensable tools in the hands of common people.
The web was lately considered a medium for sharing mere text files. Now with advanced interface, animations, video and radio streaming the web has really evolved.
It really is professed that the computer technology especially the web has a more profound influence on people’s lives in comparison with the radio or television. This magical box, the computer using its flexibility has become one stop solution to all the media needs of today’s day person.

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